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New York Employment Contracts

A New York Employment Contract language must be free from ambiguity and carefully constructed. This will help minimize any future conflict between the Employer and Employee. Fair and professional employee contracts must be negotiated and drafted. These contracts should represent employees from all walks of life and encompass all professions. Consultation, negotiation, and drafting of employee contracts should be
undertaken by a reputable employment lawyer.

Protection of Rights and Interests in Employment Contracts

Regardless of the manner in which an employment contracts ends, the contract should help ensure that all the responsibilities, rights and interests of the employer and the employee are maintained and protected. Both parties involved should take the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts seriously, giving special attention to the critical employment contract clauses. Some critical issues are compensation and salary, severance packages, bonuses and commissions, departure arrangements, binding arbitration clauses, employment-at-will issues, and non-competition and restrictive covenants. Potentially critical issues should be fully addressed head-on when drafting employment contracts. The possibility of future disputes is minimized when employment contracts provide clear direction. If the initial drafting is done in a thorough and careful manner it can potentially save you large amounts of money on future litigation fees.

Negotiation of Employee Contracts

The negotiation process is particularly important. Clarifying the duties and terms of the
contract when drafting it, should be the goal. The parties involved in the contract
negotiate the terms and bargain with each other for their own best interests. Parties to the
contract need to always ensure that they are comfortable with the duties and obligations
allocated to them. It is essential that all intentions, expectations, and requirements are
clearly outlined during the negotiation process. The specific remedy should also be
negotiated if either party breach the contract.

Legal Representation of Employee Contracts

Lawyers are available to represent employees or employers who are inadvertently involved in employment contract disagreements and conflicts over an employment contract. The skills required for the litigation of an employment contract dispute and the drafting of an employment contract, differ greatly. Many lawyers are able to offer both of these skills.

One of the most common issues that arise in disputes over employment contracts may include the fact that the employer has failed to fullfil all of the outlined contractual obligations. They may be responsible for having to pay severance and or bonuses, unpaid wages, commissions and other compensation. Mediation is often required in several areas of the employee and employer relationships. These may include grievances, negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, advice regarding the counseling and discipline of
employees, conducting of investigations that concern sexual harassment or any other type of allegations or complaints filed against the company or its employees.

Ensuring that all of your employment matters are handled effectively by getting the advice from a knowledgeable Business lawyer NYC, is essential for any company in our modern world.

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